Great Spaces

and the Creative Minds Behind Them

Great Spaces and the Creative Minds Behind Them

Rochester Magazine, October 2012


Four perfectly realized commercial interiors…

Rochester-Magazine-10-2012We ask a lot of spaces. At home we want comfort, safety, intimacy-plus rooms that are unique and welcoming to guests. In work and public spaces, we want atmosphere: creative, productive, inspiring. But no matter the location or style, the space around us needs to feel that it belongs – that, as Rochester based designer Tom Johnson puts it, “people will walk in and say, ‘Of course, this is what it should be.'”

We visited for exemplary commercial spaces that, while wholly different from each other, fit seamlessly into their sites and achieve “what they should be.” Then we asked the creative minds behind each space to explain why and how it works and what we can learn from their approach.


2 Thornell Rd., Pittsford


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Story by Stacey Freed | Photos by Matt Wittmeyer